The Mercator Globes

Gerard Mercator was a publisher of maps and atlases but he also published two globes — the terrestrial globe of 1541 and the celestial globe of 1551. The globes were an instant commercial success and were the largest (42 cm) that had been produced to date. This online exhibit allows the viewer to study detailed images for each of the globes. The globes are now on permanent exhibit just outside of the entrance to the Map Collection in Pusey Library.

Viewing Features of the Exhibition

This exhibition offers a unique approach for viewing each globe.

The portion of the exhibition that features the Terrestrial Globe makes use of the Globe Navigator, a function which provides a close-up view of any desired location on the globe's surface (learn more About the Globe Navigator). In addition, selected images of the Terrestrial Globe are available on a separate page and can be viewed in great detail.

The portion of the exhibition that features the Celestial Globe allows viewers to examine in detail any of the 50 constellations on the globe. Selected graphic details of the globe that are not included in the constellation images are located on a separate page where they can be examined in great detail.

Software/Hardware Required to View this Exhibition

This online exhibit makes extensive use of frames and javascript. At this time, this exhibit only supports Internet Explorer 5 or later. This exhibit does not support Firefox 1.5 or later. Also, a screen resolution of at least 800×600 is recommended to accommodate the dimensions of the globe's images.

Page Last Reviewed: July 14, 2017