Search Strategies

Specific Place

To find maps of a specific place, search for the place name in the subject. To narrow the search, also search for a higher administrative unit in the subject field.

For example, to find maps of Cambridge, Massachusetts, search for "Cambridge" and "Massachusetts" in the text boxes on the search page. For Cambridge, England, search for "Cambridge" and "England"

Bird's Eye Views

To find bird's eye views, search for "aerial views" in the subject field.

Searching Against Multiple Fields

Searches can be set up to run against multiple fields. To find maps of China drawn by botanist Joseph Rock, search for China in the subject and Rock in the name/creator field.

Georeferenced Images

To search for only georeferenced images, use the search term "raster image" in the title field.

Excluding Georeferenced Images

To exclude entries for georeferenced images in HGL, search for "map" in the Form/Genre field.


Page Last Reviewed: July 12, 2017