Acknowledgments and Credits

This exhibit was researched, organized, and written by Robert J. Dennis, Curator of Recordings Collections, with the invaluable assistance of Ellen Exner, Curatorial Assistant in the Isham Memorial Library, Peter Laurence, Curatorial Assistant for the Recordings Collections, Kerry Carwile Masteller, Reference and Digital Program Librarian, and Patricia O’Brien, Administrative Coordinator in the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library. Catherine Badot-Costello and Carly Weggeland, of the Weissmann Preservation Center, provided generous assistance in conserving and mounting the scores for display and digitization, and in researching Solti’s working tools and methods. David Ackerman, of the Harvard Library’s Media Preservation Services, recorded and edited Robert J. Dennis’s conversation with Lady Solti. Harvard Library Imaging Services contributed the digitization and photography. The web presentation of this exhibit was developed by Enrique Diaz in Maps, Media, Data and Government Information in Lamont Library and Laura Totten in Harvard Public Affairs and Communications.

We would like to thank the Soltis for providing us with family photographs, and the Rosenthal Archives of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for granting the use of images from their collections.

Finally, we remain tremendously grateful to the Solti family for their generous donation of The Sir Georg Solti Archive to the Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library.

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