Loeb Music Library Selected New Acquisitions

  Title Author Publisher
The Transformation of Black Music: The Rhythms, the Songs, and the Ships of the African Diaspora Samuel A. Floyd Jr., with Melanie L. Zeck and Guthrie P. Ramsey Jr. Oxford University Press, 2017
Charles Ives's Concord: Essays After a Sonata Kyle Gann University of Illinois Press, 2017
Tokyo Boogie-Woogie: Japan's Pop Era and Its Discontents Hiromu Nagahara Harvard University Press, 2017
Music, Evolution, and the Harmony of Souls Alan Harvey Oxford University Press, 2017
The Rite of Spring at 100 Edited by Severine Neff, Maureen Carr, and Gretchen Horlacher Indiana University Press, 2017
The Original Blues: The Emergence of the Blues in African American Vaudeville Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff University of Mississippi, 2017
Music Criticism and Music Critics in Early Francoist Spain Eva Moreda Rodríguez Oxford University Press, 2017
O Sing Unto the Lord: A History of English Church Music Andrew Gant University of Chicago Press, 2017
Beyond Bach: Music and Everyday Life in the Eighteenth Century Andrew Talle University of Illinois Press, 2017
The Oxford Handbook of Choral Pedagogy Edited by Frank Abrahams and Paul D. Head Oxford University Press, 2017
Music into Fiction: Composers Writing, Compositions Imitated Theodore Ziolkowski Camden House, 2017
Olivier Messiaen: Texts, Contexts, & Intertexts (1937-1948) Richard D. E. Burton Oxford University Press, 2016
The Banjo: America's African Instrument Laurent Dubois The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2016
Varieties of Musical Irony: From Mozart to Mahler Michael Cherlin Cambridge University Press, 2016
The Violin Edited by Robert Riggs University of Rochester Press, 2016
Playing in the Cathedral: Music, Race, and Status in New Spain Jesús Ramos-Kittrell Oxford University Press, 2016

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