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The Environmental Science and Public Policy Archives (ESPPA) specializes in international environmental governance, related science, and cultural perspectives on the environment. The Archives aim to create a locus for scholarship that opens the history of environmental science and public policy to analysis through which the lessons from history can be sharpened and applied. For information on using or contributing to the Archives, please contact the curator, George E. Clark, via e-mail, by phone at 617-496-6158, or by fax at 617-496-5570.

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The Archives' holdings have grown to include over 500 linear feet of manuscripts, conference documents, and meeting reports, and nearly 400 sound and video recordings, most of which are not easily accessible elsewhere. The collections include the:

  • Thomas M. Berry Papers, ecotheologist and writer on the intersection between science, nature, and ethics
  • Papers of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Working Group I Fourth Assessment Report Review Comments and Responses
  • Marion Lamm Mercury Collection, documents on a devastating outbreak of Minamata disease in Northern Ontario
  • Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Nuclear Winter Study Papers, detailed studies on the climatic effects of nuclear war
  • Living on Earth Broadcast Collection, collection of broadcasts from 1994–2001
  • Edward A. Parson Climate Change and Stratospheric Ozone Collections, studies on the science, negotiations, and policy concerned with the protection of the stratospheric ozone layer and changes in climate
  • K. Madhava Sarma, Stephen O. Andersen, and Friends Montreal Protocol Collection documenting the development of the successful Montreal Protocol brokered through the United Nations Environment Programme
  • Maurice F. Strong Papers, Secretary-General of the UN Conference on the Human Environment and the 1992 Earth Summit
  • Peter S. Thacher Environment Collection, Deputy Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme, and Senior Research Fellow, World Resources Institute

Details on the above collections can be found in the OASIS (Online Archival Search Information System) catalog. Note that many manuscript donors also donate their research libraries, and organizational donors may contribute collections of gray literature. These published materials become part of the Environmental Information Services collection, which is searchable in the HOLLIS catalog. Use "Expanded Search" and under "Locations," select "Environmental Information Ctr."

Visting the Archives

The Environmental Science and Public Policy Archives is open without fee to qualified researchers on relevant topics, regardless of academic affiliation. The manuscript collections are available by advance appointment only.

When making your appointment, please be prepared to describe your research project and to give the names of the collections that you would like to use. Because many collections are stored off-site, we need know the box and folder numbers (found in OASIS or in consultation of the curator) that you are requesting at least a week in advance of your arranged visit to ensure they will be available for you. Readers agree to follow the Guidelines for Use and Handling of Collections established by the archives in the interest of preserving materials for future research.

To schedule a visit, contact the curator, George E. Clark, via e-mail, by phone at 617-496-6158, or by fax at 617-496-0440.

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