Lamont Library

Lamont Library Collections

General Collection

Lamont Library supports the undergraduate curriculum in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to supporting course requirements and undergraduate research needs, the collection reflects a wide variety of student interests in literature, current political affairs, the arts, and the environment. Lamont's holdings tally over 200,000 volumes, including books, serials, periodicals, newspapers, and reference titles. The Henry Weston Farnsworth Room, devoted to non-curricular leisure reading, houses approximately 4,000 eclectic titles.

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Lamont Media

Lamont Media holds a major circulating collection of approximately 18,000 titles: books on music, music recordings, and visual media. The music materials focus on western music, world music, and jazz. Visual media includes films, documentaries, opera, and musical performances that support and augment the undergraduate curriculum. All materials, with the exception of CD-ROMs, are housed on Level A of Lamont. CD-ROMs are shelved throughout Lamont with the general book collection.

Media holdings, whether they are music or not, can be pinpointed using HOLLIS Catalog Expanded Search. For assistance, contact Lamont Media (617-495-8730;

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