The Titanic Voyage

Letter to Livingston


HEW to Luther Livingston, March 10, 1912
[HEW 12.12.25F HOLLIS #008653030]

On March 10, 1912, Harry wrote to Luther Livingston about his plan to sail to London with his parents to buy books for his collection, telling him he was about to take “a quick trip to England, sailing over on the Mauretania,” and returning “on April 10th on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.” Near the end of the letter, Harry tells Livingston “a secret,” – “grandfather has bought the Hoe copy on paper of the Mazarin Bible. Is it not great? I wish it was for me but it is not.” This copy of the book more familiarly known as “the Gutenberg Bible” did come posthumously to Harry, for it was given to the Widener Collection by his brother and sister in 1944.