Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library

The Library Opens


Boston Sunday Herald (October 10, 1915)

Shortly after the official opening, this full-page spread appeared in the Boston Sunday Herald (October 10, 1915). The reporter describes the Memorial Rooms:

The outer of the two rooms is of Alabama marble except the domed ceiling, with fluted columns and Ionic capitals, and deep rounded recesses at the corners in which there might be placed at some time pieces of statuary. The inner room or library proper is finished in carved English oak, the carving having been done in England; the high bookcases are fitted with glass shelves and bronze sashes, the windows are hung with heavy curtains, and in glass-covered cases under them are arranged some examples of the autographed presentation volumes which came to Mr. Widener.

Handsome chairs and desk make the furnishings here, and upon the desks are vases filled with flowers. Flowers will always be a part of the furnishings of this room, as the donor, Mrs. Widener, now Mrs. Rice, has arranged that they shall be supplied at regular intervals.

The big marble fireplace and the portrait of Harry Widener occupy a large portion of the south wall. Standing front of the fireplace one may look through the vista made by the doorways, the staircases within and the stairs without and get a glimpse of the green campus.