Chapter 8

Photograph Photograph

Ticket to Titmarsh Club exhibition, 1911. fMS Am 1381.

Ticket to Titmarsh Club exhibition, 1911.

A great many celebrations were organized to celebrate the centenary of Thackeray’s birth in 1911. The New York book collecting club, The Grolier Club, organized a large exhibition with material borrowed from Lady Ritchie and other family members. The Titmarsh Club, a group named for one of Thackeray’s most common pseudonyms, also organized a centenary exhibition, held at Charterhouse, Thackeray’s school. The Club, organized in 1905, included many Thackeray admirers, including J.M. Barrie, G.K. Chesterton, Arthur Rackham, and H.G. Wells.

fMS Am 1381. Gift of William B. Osgood Field, 1943.