Chapter 8


Anne Thackeray Ritchie’s Centenery Biographical Editions of her father’s works. London: John Murray, 1911.

Anne Thackeray Ritchie’s introductions to the Centenary Biographical Editions (London: John Murray, 1911).

In her journal in 1864, Anny wrote, “Papa said when I drop there is to be no life written of me, mind this & consider it as my last testament and desire.” Due to her unwillingness to break this promise and the increasing prevalence of reminiscences by Thackeray’s critics and enemies, an unflattering portrait of him began to appear. In 1886, against Anny’s wishes, Jane Brookfield sold her collection of letters from Thackeray, which were published soon after. Anny decided to become the biographical authority without actually writing a biography, and published this 26-volume Centenary Biographical Edition in 1911. Each volume was preceded by her lengthy introduction that gave intimate details of Thackeray’s life and the processes by which he worked. They included manuscript facsimiles, unpublished drawings, and photographs of objects and places associated with her father.
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