Chapter 7


Thackeray’s manuscript for “Nil Nisi Bonum” from Roundabout Papers. fMS Eng 278.

Manuscripts from Roundabout Papers, 1860-1863.

Thackeray wrote several novels for Cornhill, but also produced a series of essays he titled “Roundabout Papers.” Thackeray intended the essays to seem like informal chats between editor and reader, covering a variety of topics. In this essay, “Nil nisi bonum,” Thackeray discusses Washington Irving and Lord Macauley, two revered figures, both of whom had died late in 1859.

Despite the work he produced for the magazine, Thackeray felt the role of editor detracted from his production as a writer, and resigned from the editorship in 1862.
fMS Eng 278. Gift of Leslie Stephen, 1892.