Chapter 6

Photograph Photograph

Thackeray, The Adventures of Philip. Columbia, South Carolina: Evans & Cogswell, 1864. *EC85.T3255.862aca.

Confederate imprint of The Adventures of Philip (Columbia, South Carolina: Evans & Cogswell, 1864).

Thackeray’s novel The adventures of Philip on his way through the world appeared serially in the Cornhill Magazine between January 1861 and August 1862, and was the last novel he completed. Critical reception was not favorable, but Thackeray’s readers were eager for a new work, as evidenced by this edition.

Following secession, Confederate southern states could no longer rely on their northern neighbors for industries like publishing. This pirated edition was printed in Columbia, South Carolina in 1864, by the Confederate printing firm of Evans and Cogswell, who also published official Confederate documents. Due to his pro-Southern sympathies and refusal to fully condemn slavery, Thackeray was a popular author in the Confederacy; relying on that popularity, Philip was published in a large edition of 5,000 copies.
*EC85.T3255.862aca. Gift of William B. Osgood Field, 1942.