Chapter 3


Album of Thackeray’s contributions to Punch, 1843-8. f*EC85.T3255.LP969.

Thackeray writes for Punch.

Placing Isabella in the care of a doctor near Chaillot, Thackeray resolved to “not think of the matter at all, but to try to write a good book, and see if I can put myself in some way to earn a secure & decent living.” He began writing for Punch in 1842, one year after the periodical was founded, and soon became a regular contributor. Of the many series he produced for the magazine, displayed here is one of his most popular, “The Diary of C. Jeames de la Pluche,” which ran from August 1845 through February 1846. Thackeray illustrated the series himself, signing the illustrations with a small pair of spectacles in the lower right corner.

f*EC85.T3255.LP969. Vol. 3. Gift of William S. Spaulding, 1963.