Chapter 2


Thackeray, portrait of Isabella and Anny Thackeray, ca. 1837. Private collection. Image may not be reproduced without permission.

Thackeray. Isabella and Anny Thackeray. Watercolor, ca. 1837.

When his oldest daughter Anny was very young, Thackeray wrote to his mother, “[Anny] is delightful and that’s the fact, her voice drives all the cares out of one’s head – if one had any – not that I have, it seems to me often quite wrong to be happy when, according to Cocker, I should be perfectly cast down at my gloomy position and poverty….Missy’s little voice I can hear caroling in the parlour. Isabella comes to pay me a visit every half-minute or so, and I am not as angry as I ought to be.”

Private collection.