HWL. Syllabus de la Grammaire Italienne (Boston: Gray et Bowen,1832).


*2001G-479. Purchased with the Bayard Livingston and Kate Gray Kilgour fund, 2001. Houghton Library.

Bowdoin's curriculum required that students complete a course in French before taking instruction in Italian. Longfellow's grammar, by combining both these languages into one book, is an innovative attempt to help students master this requirement more smoothly by combining both languages into one text. For example, he illustrates the use of indefinite pronouns in Italian with his favorite section from the Inferno, the Francesca da Rimini passage from the end of CantoV. The indefinite pronouns are capitalized so that they will be easier to identify for the student. This copy belonged to Charles Folsom and contains his editorial corrections.