A passionate, polyglot traveler when he was young, Longfellow, after his marriage to Fanny, rarely left home again, except for an extended trip to England and Italy in 1868/1869. Read more...

But while Emerson regarded all travel as a "fool's paradise," Longfellow continued to view it as the best panacea against narrow-mindedness and xenophobia. His travels now were by the fireside only; what had not changed was his conviction that it is good to see with eyes other "than mine own" ("Travels by the Fireside," 1874).

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Photograph HWL. Self-portrait from his Journal in Spain, 1827. HWL. Portrait of Toni Toscan in Journal in Italy and Germany, 1828-1829; with Toni Toscan, "Ottova Al Nobil Sig.r Erico Mericano." Photograph
Photograph HWL. Outre-Mer: A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea.  Autograph manuscript, [1833] HWL. Outre-Mer: Or, A Pilgrimage to the Old World. By an American (London: Richard Bentley, 1835). Photograph
Photograph HWL. "Mr. Peter Quince going up in a balloon" (no. 4) and "Mr. Quince falls out of his balloon in the sea" (no. 6) from  Peter Quince, ca. 1860. Antonio Sorgato, photographer. The Longfellow Family in Italy.  Photograph, 1869. Photograph
Photograph HWL. "Il Ponte Vecchio di Firenze." Autograph manuscript, 1874.