HWL.  "Prescrizione Nuova per il mal di gola." Autograph manuscript, 13 January 1866.


Longfellow Papers MS Am 1340 (141). Houghton Library.

Longfellow's versified prescription for his friend James Russell Lowell, who had missed a meeting of the Saturday Club on 10 January 1866 and then, two days later, a dinner at Craigie House, explaining that "my throat's so bad, / I'm not to be had, / Though Horace ask me to dinner" (12 January 1866).  In his response, Longfellow reiterated his advice to gargle with red wine: "T'assicuro / E ti giuro, / (Uomo son di mia parola) / Il dolore, / Professore, / Tutto subito s'invola." In Samuel Longfellow's translation: "I assure you / It will cure you / (Me a man of my word you'll own); / Your distress or / Pain, Professor, / All of a sudden will have flown."