From The Gettysburg Battlefield To The Appomattox Courthouse


Henry J. Raymond. History of the administration of President Lincoln: including his speeches, letters, addresses, proclamations, and messages. New York: J. C. Derby and N. C. Miller, 1864.

This 1864 campaign biography was written by Henry J. Raymond (1820-1869), editor of the New York Times during Lincoln’s presidency.  Raymond, a politician as well as a journalist, was a strong advocate of William H. Seward in 1860 but later became an avid supporter of Lincoln.  The New York Times was a proponent of the Lincoln administration and Raymond served as chairman of the Republican Party’s national committee in 1864.  He expanded this biography and reissued it in 1865 after Lincoln’s assassination.

Lin 2135   The William Whiting Nolen Collection of Lincolniana.