From The Gettysburg Battlefield To The Appomattox Courthouse


Lincoln campaign songster for the use of clubs, containing all of the most popular songs. Philadelphia: Mason and Company, 1864.


The President Lincoln campaign songster. New York: T. R. Dawley, 1864.

These are two of several songsters that were issued for the 1864 presidential campaign. The first of these, Lincoln campaign songster, presents an early pre-beard image of Lincoln that was used during the 1860 campaign.  These two works included lyrics for a variety of songs, such as “Shout Aloud for Lincoln,” “Hoist the Flag for Abraham,” “Hurrah! For Lincoln and Johnson,” “Rally Boys for Uncle Abe,” and “Vote for Lincoln.”  

Lin 2048.19.3   The William Whiting Nolen Collection of Lincolniana.