November 1818 - December 1819


MS Keats 2.30. Gift of Arthur A. Houghton, Jr., 1952.

John Keats. To Fanny: autograph manuscript.

In this poem, dedicated to Brawne, Keats admits that his heart “goes fluttering for you everywhere,” and begs her to keep him “free/from torturing jealousy.”

Ah dearest love! sweet home of all my fears,
And hopes, and joys, and panting miseries
To night, if I may guess, thy beauty wears
A smiling of such delight,
As brilliant and as bright,
As when with ravished, aching, vassal eyes,
Lost in soft amaze,
I gaze, I gaze!

MS Keats 2.30. A.MS., fragment of draft with revisions, lines 9-24, 33-56. 3p. on 3 leaves, 24.7 x 20 cm. (the second now lacking its top half, 15.6 x 20 cm.). Gift of Arthur A. Houghton, Jr., 1952.