An Age of Compromise and Crises, 1820-60

Photograph Henry Clay (1777-1852) Notes concerning the abolition of slavery: manuscript, undated. Autograph file, C – Charles Eliot Norton Autograph collection, 1914.

James Appleton (1785-1862) The Missouri Compromise; or, The extension of the slave power (Boston, 1843?) *AC85 L8605 842pd (B) – Deposited by the Longfellow House Trust, 1954.
Photograph American Free Soil almanac for 1849: astronomically and politically calculated for all the states and territories of the Union (Boston, 1848) *APA.W582A.1849 – Gift of William Francis Allen, 1851.
James Freeman Clarke (1810-1888) "The compromises and slavery". MS Am 1569.8 (317) – Gift of Eliot C. Clarke, 1968.

Photograph James Freeman Clarke (1810-1888) "Chronology of abolition in Boston": manuscript, undated. MS Am 1569.8 (317) – Gift of Eliot C. Clarke, 1968.
Free Soil Party (Mass.) Free Soil roll: manuscript, 1853-54. MS Am 521 – Gift of Samuel Abbott Green, 1899.

Photograph Letter from Seth Webb, Jr. (1823-1862) Autograph letter, signed, to Charles Sumner, 14 July 1854. MS Am 1 (6684) - Gift of Edward L. Pierce, 1874.
Daniel Webster, signed photograph, ca. 1851. Portrait file, W – No source, no date.

Photograph Contemporary newspaper clippings related to Daniel Webster's Seventh of March Speech in support of the Compromise of 1850. *AC8.W3924.B876p v.3 – No source, no date.
Election ballots, 1860. MS Am 2605 - Bayard Livingston Kilgour and Kate Gray Kilgour fund, 2010.