Concord Transcendentalists and the Legacy of John Brown


Richard Davis Webb (1805-1872) The life and letters of Captain John Brown: who was executed at Charlestown, Virginia, Dec. 2. 1859, for an armed attack upon American slavery (London, 1861)

Emerson's praise for Brown had a significant impact on Brown's legacy in the North and abroad. His speech, "Remarks at a Meeting for the Relief of the Family of John Brown," first given on 18 November 1859 at Tremont Temple, is excerpted in the appendix of Webb's Life and Letters of Captain John Brown. Webb, an Irish abolitionist, arranged all of Frederick Douglass' speaking arrangements in Ireland and the Dublin edition of his 1845 Narrative. Though Emerson helped shape the international response to Brown's raid, it was far more sympathetic than in the Northern states.

*48-424 – Gift of Dr. J. Dellinger Barney, 1948.