A Woman and a Sister Too? The Intertwining of Emancipation and Early Feminism


Anna Quincy Waterston (1812-1899) Edmonia Lewis (Boston, 1865?)


Robert Gould Shaw, photograph, 1863.

Edmonia Lewis was born as a free black woman in upstate New York and became an internationally renowned sculptor and artist. Trained at Oberlin College, one of the first schools to admit African-Americans, Lewis moved to Boston where she immersed herself in the abolitionist movement. After meeting Robert Gould Shaw, she was inspired to create a bust in his honor. This poem by Anna Quincy Waterston celebrates both subject and artist.

*AB95.W3195.865e – Morris Gray fund, 1949.

Portrait file. S- Gift of Mrs. F.W. Hallowell, 1953.