Militant Boston


Lucius M. Sargent (1786-1867) The ballad of the abolition blunder-buss (Boston, 1861)


Along with Charles Sumner, Governor John Andrew worked closely with the black community of Boston in the fight against slavery. His activism earned him the scorn of the proslavery, or anti-abolition, crowd. The Abolition Blunderbuss is a derisive satirical poem mocking Andrew and other abolitionists. This extra-illustrated edition includes many unfavorable likenesses of Andrew such as this. Andrew worked with local black leaders, such as Lewis Hayden, as well as with Frederick Douglass, and the Lincoln administration to create the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, the first northern black regiment to fight in the Civil War.

*43-1350 – Gift of W. B. O. Field, 1943.