Prima Ballerinas


Alice Nikitina as Flore in Zéphire et Flore. Photographer unknown, undated. Howard D. Rothschild Collection. MS Thr 414.2 (147). Bequest 1989.

Zéphir et Flore

This ballet, based on classical characters was first produced in Monte Carlo in April, 1925. The premise was to re-create the private courtly performances of Baroque ballet, using a subject that had been treated by Didelot in 1795. Although its elements - music, design, and choreography - were in themselves attractive, Zéphire et Flore never appealed strongly to the public, and the explanation was that those elements did not serve the plot. It marked the first featured appearance of a young and attractive dancer of uncertain promise, Alice Nikitina, who advanced speedily through the company to take a number of leading roles.