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Lydia Sokolova (1896-1974). Notebook containing choreographic notes of her major roles with the Ballets Russes, undated. Autograph manuscript. Howard D. Rothschild Collection. b MS Thr 414.1 (74). Bequest, 1989.

Notebook of Lydia Sokolova containing choreographic notes on the Ballets Russes

Lydia Sokolova was an English dancer whose real name was Hilda Munnings; as was the custom, especially in the early years of the Ballets Russes, she assumed a Russian-sounding name.

She joined the Ballets Russes in 1913, at the age of seventeen, and with occasional periods of leave, remained with the company until 1929, and she danced many of the leading roles. This notebook, which bears the date 1917, contains her descriptions of the choreography of a number of the ballets in which she appeared. The notebook is opened to show her notes for Papillons.