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George Barbier (1882-1932). La Tragédie de Salomé, Portrait drawing of Tamara Karsavina, 1914. Ink and watercolor. Uncatalogued designs. Purchased with the Howard D. Rothschild Fund, 2002.

Portrait drawing by George Barbier of Tamara Karsavina in the ballet La Tragédie de Salomé

George Barbier is known both for his fashionable costume designs - many of which, oddly, do not seem to relate to specific theatrical productions - and for his sensual book illustrations, such as this example. Barbier illustrated two books related to the Ballets Russes, one representing Tamara Karsavina in her ballet roles, and the other representing Vaslav Nijinsky. This design is related to the illustrations to the first of these volumes.