Léonide Massine


Léon Bakst (1866-1924). Les Femmes de Bonne Humeur, Costume design for Enrico Cecchetti as Mariquis Luca, 1917. Graphite, tempera, watercolor, and silver and gold paint on paper. Howard D. Rothschild Collection. Framed storage. MS Thr 414.4 (14). Bequest, 1989.

Les Femmes de Bonne Humeur

Les Femmes de Bonne Humeur (The Good-Humoured Ladies), first presented in 1917, was inspired by the broad comedies of the eighteenth-century playwright Carlo Goldoni. The period-correct music by Domenico Scarlatti was orches­trated by Vincenzo Tommasini. The choreography was created by Léonide Massine and the costumes and décor were designed by Léon Bakst.