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Ethelbert White (1891-1972). Pulcinella, Scene rendering, ca. 1920. Ink wash. Howard D. Rothschild Collection. pf MS Thr 414.4 (127). Bequest, 1989.


Pulcinella (a variant of the name Punchinello, or Punch) was a Commedia dell’ Arte-inspired ballet, composed by Igor Stravinsky, based on music by the Italian baroque composer Giambattista Pergolesi.

The British artist Ethelbert White is best remembered for his woodcut illustrations, but he also made many drawings in ink as well as paintings in watercolor. He illustrated several of the twelve pamphlets issued in a series called Impressions of the Russian Ballet, written and published by Cyril W. Beaumont, on each of the ballets that were produced by Diaghilev in London during the 1918, 1919, and 1921 seasons. For some of those ballets, White also issued hand-colored prints.