George Balanchine


Eileen Mayo (1906-1994). Portrait of Serge Lifar as the Young Man in La Chatte, 1928. Pastel and contre crayon. Stravinsky-Diaghilev Foundation Collection. pf MS Thr 495 (298). Gift of Parmenia Migel Ektrom, 1990.

Portrait by Eileen Mayo of Serge Lifar as the Young Man in the ballet La Chatte

The British artist Eileen Mayo had a successful career in a variety of media ranging from wood-block illustration to lithography to postage stamp design. Another original drawing of exactly the same portrait was recently purchased by the Harvard Theatre Collection, showing that Mayo was one of the artists connected with the Ballets Russes (the most famous being Léon Bakst) who produced more than one copy of some art works, presumably to satisfy commercial demand.