I too can hunt a Poetaster down


Bequest of Amy Lowell, 1925 – HD Lowell 1306.1

Blest be the banquets spread at Holland House,
Where Scotchmen feed, and Critics may carouse!

William Finden (1787-1852), engr. Holland House in The Poetical Works of the Rev. George Crabbe (London, 1834), vol. 7.

Richard Vassal Fox, third Lord Holland (1773-1840) and nephew of Whig Prime Minister Charles James Fox (1749-1806), was a leader of the Moderate Whig opposition, and his residence, Holland House, a fashionable center of literary and political London. The Edinburgh reviewers were his frequent guests, as were the poets whom Byron most admired: Campbell, Moore, and Rogers. After Rogers intimated that Holland was displeased by the lines on the Holland House circle in English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers, Byron moved quickly to suppress the satire.