I too can hunt a Poetaster down


Duplicates fund, 1868 – Scan 4206.1* (A)

Oh! AMOS COTTLE! – Phoebus! what a name
To fill the speaking-trump of future fame!

Amos Cottle (1768?-1800), trans.  Icelandic Poetry, or The Edda of Saemund (Bristol, 1797).

This first English translation of the Norse myths was published by the translator’s brother Joseph, whose name also appears in the imprints of Lyrical Ballads and other early works by Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Southey. In a footnote Byron dismissed the brothers Cottle as “once sellers of books they did not write, and now writers of books they do not sell.” Cottle’s translation is preceded by a dedicatory poem by Southey.