Now to the Drama turn - Oh! motley sight!


John Milton and Ruth Neils Ward Collection, 1998 – bM1508.P974 V5 1809a Harvard Theatre Collection


Harvard Theatre Collection – TCS 45

Vincenzo Pucitta (1778-1861). Dolce Tranquillità ... in the Opera of I Villeggiatori Bizzarri (London, ca. 1809).
Signora Collini (fl. 1809-1813).  Engraved portrait of Signora Collini (ca. 1813).

On February 21st, 1809, Byron attended a performance at the King’s Theatre of Pucitta’s I Villeggiatori Bizzarri, which inspired his “cut at the opera” in English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers.  Signora Collini was one of the three principal singers in the opera.