Yet once again adieu!


Gift of Philip Hofer, 1963 – Typ 805.13.2382

Yet once again adieu! ere this the sail
That wafts me hence is shivering in the gale;
And Afric’s coast and Calpe’s adverse height,
And Stamboul’s minarets must greet my sight.

John Cam Hobhouse (1786-1869). A Journey through Albania and Other Provinces (London, 1813).

In the spring of 1809 Byron resolved with Hobhouse to travel through Portugal and Spain en route to the East. He anticipated those critics who might perceive his departure as an act of literary cowardice in the postscript to the second edition of his provocative satire: “Those who know me can testify that my motives for leaving England are very different from fears, literary or personal: those who do not may one day be convinced.” Hobhouse’s massive travelogue –published by James Cawthorn – features two maps and color plates depicting local scenes and costumes.  Shown here is a view of the west front of the Acropolis in Athens.