Yet once again adieu!


Bequest of Evert Jansen Wendell, 1918 – 18446.35*

And you, associate Bards! who snatched to light
Those gems too long withheld from modern sight;
Whose mingling taste combined to cull the wreath
Where Attic flowers Aonian odours breathe.

Translations chiefly from the Greek Anthology (London, 1806).

The Greek Anthology (Anthologia Graeca) remains a popular exercise book for students learning Greek. Francis Hodgson, a Cambridge tutor befriended by Byron, contributed translations of seven epigrams of Lucillius to this collection edited by the “associate Bards,” J. H. Merivale and Robert Bland. This copy belonged to Byron’s Harrow classmate, Bryan Waller Procter (1787-1856), who gained fame as an author writing under the pseudonym Barry Cornwall; he has transcribed other translations in the margins.