Lear Vizualization

Visualizer 3: Locations

This third visualization is the most in depth in terms of analysis of media. Represented are all 3,500 drawings as square cells arranged chronologically from top-left to bottom-right. Toggling between analysis options, the cells are shaded depending on their date of drawing, location, size, paper type, drawing medium, or amount of field notes made on them by Lear.

Instructions: On mouse over, a bubble will appear representing that image. If it is yellow, a digital image is available; click to reveal.

Please note: This visualization requires the Java browser plug-in to run. It can be downloaded for free at www.java.com/getjava/.

About This Visualizer: The Lear Visualizer is a proof-of-concept project executed in conjunction with metaLAB and Houghton Library at Harvard University that works to visualize the rich information and patterns of the text-based finding aid associated with the Lear Landscape Drawings archive at Houghton Library.

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