Manuscript Acquisitions, 2006-2007

 78.36 linear ft; 73 items and collections

Items are listed in order of acquisition. Some unprocessed materials may not be available; consult Reading Room staff.  Items can be requested by their accession number (beginning *2006M-) or, if cataloged, call number.

*2006M-0001  Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983. Tennessee Williams papers, 1965-1967 1 box
(0.6 linear ft.)  Purchase, Douglas Roby Fund.

*2006M-0002  Abert, J. W. (James William), 1820-1897.   J. W. (James William) scrapbook of watercolor and ink drawings and maps relating to the Civil War, 1861-1888.         
1 v. (.05 linear ft.)  Purchase, Bayard Livingston Kilgour and Kate Gray Kilgour fund.

*2006M-0003  Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.  A. A. (Alan Alexander) Milne letters to G.H. Grubb, 1922-1928.  1 v. (.05 linear ft.)  Purchase, Louis J. Appell Jr. Fund for British Civilization.

*2006M-0004  Sarton, George, 1884-1956.   George Sarton letter to Professor Theodorides, 15 December 1954.     1 folder (.04 linear ft.)      Gift, Serge Gurout.

*2006M-0005  Cage, John.  Forever and sunsmell: (E.E. Cummings) : music for the dance which was made by Jean Erdman : manuscript, 1942 Oct
1 ms. score (6 leaves) + 4 ms. parts (.04 linear ft.)        Purchase, Kilgour fund and Amy Lowell fund.  Call number:  MS Mus 249

*2006M-0006  Putnam, Anne Eisner. Anne Eisner paintings on newsprint, 1956 and undated. 5 items (.04 linear ft.)  Gift, Christie McDonald.

*2006M-0007  Mnatsakanova, Elizaveta, 1922-    Elizaveta Mnatsakanova papers, circa 1989-2004. 2 pf boxes, 1 roll (.4 linear ft.).  Purchase, Kilgour fund.

*2006M-0011  Hoagland, Edward.  Edward Hoagland additional papers, circa 2005-2006 and undated. 2 boxes (1.29 linear feet)  Deposit, Edward Hoagland

*2006M-0012  New Directions Publishing Corp. New Directions Publishing Corp. James Laughlin files concerning Jorge Luis Borges, circa 1965-1992.  1 folder (.04 linear ft.)  Gift, William Reese Co.          

*2006M-0013   Gilbert, Lewis L.           Lewis L. Gilbert papers on American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions work in North China, circa 1935-1945          
1 folder (.05 linear feet)              Gift, Chandler W. Gilbert.   

*2006M-0014  Peter A. Juley & Son, photographers. Photographs of Gilbert Holland Montague, circa 1950. 5 items (.04 linear feet)  Not previously accessioned

*2006M-0015 Raymond, George Lansing, 1839-1929.          George Lansing Raymond letter to Bliss Perry: manuscript, 1887 September 20.  1 item (.04 linear feet) Transfer, Widener Library. Call number: Autograph File: R      

*2006M-0016r  Hampson, Alfred Leete, compiler.        Alfred Leete Hampson.  Dickinson family library lists: manuscript, 1940 and undated. 1 box (.1 linear feet)            Not previously accessioned

*2006M-0017   Piston, Walter, 1894-1976.    Fragment of music by Walter Piston: manuscript              1 item (.04 linear feet)       Removed from *2004-949. Gift of E. S. Whitney Thompson, 2005 April 22.

*2006M-0018  Hanley, James, 1901-    Letters from James Hanley to Philip C. Duschnes, 1936
1 folder (.04 linear feet).  Removed from *2004K-151.  Bequest of Kate Gray Kilgour, 1999 May. Call number: Autograph File: H        

*2006M-0020 Rictus, Jehan, 1867-1933. Les soliloques du pauvre: manuscript and lithographs, 1897-1903.  3 volumes (.1 linear foot)  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund.

*2006M-0021 Bonnerot, Jean, 1882-1964.     Le livre des livres: manuscript, [ca. 1900].     
1 v. (.05 linear feet).   Purchase, Daniel Chabris Book Fund.                       

*2006M-0022 Spender, Stephen, 1909-  Stephen Spender letter to Kate Gray Kilgour, 1953 March 26.   1 item.  Bequest, Kate Gray Kilgour.  Call number: Autograph File: S          

*2006M-0024 Updike, John. John Updike additional papers, circa 1993-2007           
6 boxes (4 linear feet). Deposit, John Updike.

*2006M-0025 Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955.    Thomas Mann letter to Sam Wachtell, 1936 December 26. 1 item (.04 linear feet) Gif, Geraldine WachtellCall number: Autograph File: M           

*2006M-0026 Mestler, Ludwig, 1891-1959.  Letter book and sketchbook: manuscript, 1938-1939, 1952-1953. 2 v. (.1 linear feet)  Purchase, Harmand B. Teplow Class of 1920 Fund.

*2006M-0027 Martin, W. Wilsey (William Wilsey), 1833-1913.          W. Wilsey Martin letter to James Russell Lowell, 1885 December 15. 1 item (.04 linear feet) Transfer, Widener Library

*2006M-0028  Baker Street Irregulars (Organization : U.S.).  Baker Street Irregulars additional records, circa 1930-2006.    4 boxes (3.5 linear feet)  Gift, Baker Street Irregulars

*2006M-0029 New Directions Publishing Corp. New Directions Publishing Corp. additional records, circa 1962-2006.    4 boxes (6 linear feet)     Gift, New Directions Publishing Corp

*2006M-0030  Geoffroy-Dechaume, Charles. Charles Geoffroy-Dechaume correspondence, 1905-1958.       1 box (.67 linear feet)        Purchase, Louis J. Appell Jr. Fund

*2006M-0031  Old South Meeting House (Boston, Mass.): photograph, undated.  1 item (.04 linear ft.) Transfer, Widener

*2006M-0032  Stradivarius Quartet.    Stradivarius Quartet records, circa 1926-1978.   2 boxes (2 linear feet) Gift, Judith W. Parker

*2006M-0033   Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883.  Le miroir: manuscript, circa 1868.  12 pages (.04 linear ft.)  Purchase, Kilgour fund and Amy Lowell fund

*2006M-0034  Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940. Materials concerning Leon Trotsky, circa 1927-1937       
1 box (.1 linear feet)  Not previously accessioned

*2006M-0036  Peabody, Josephine Preston,1874-1922.  Josephine Preston Peabody letter to Edmund Clarence Stedman, 1902 January 20.          1 item (.04 linear ft.)     Gift, Department of Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida  Call number: Autograph File: P  

*2006M-0039 Jaeger, Werner Wilhelm, 1888-1961. Werner Wilhelm Jaeger additional papers, circa 1959-1961, 1 box (.1 linear foot)  Gift, Anne Bloch and Mary Alice Bloch via HarvardUniversity Archives

*2006M-0040  Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883.  Posle smerti : manuscript, 1882 August 21 - September 1. 1 volume (.05 linear ft.)  Purchase, Kilgour fund

*2006M-0041 Stevens, Henry, 1819-1886.     Henry Stevens correspondence with Justin Winsor and other papers, 1845-1879. 1 folder (.04 linear feet) Not previously accessioned

*2006M-0042  Graham, Jorie, 1951-  Jorie Graham additional papers, circa 1950-2006.  11 boxes (13 linear feet)  Purchase, Amy Lowell Trust Fund  

*2006M-0043 Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock, 1826-1887. Dinah Maria Mulock Craik letter to an unknown recipient, 1870 May 16. 1 item (.04 linear ft.)   Purchase, De Cuevas, Deknatel, Loring, Nordell, Rheault, and Vershbow FundCall number: Autograph File: Craik

*2006M-0044 James, Henry, 1843-1916. Correspondence and journals of Henry James Jr., 1855-1916. 16 v. (8 linear ft.)        Gift, William James (1912-1995).  Call Number:  MS Am 1094

*2006M-0044  James family.  James family additional papers, 1859-1922 (bulk); 1859-1986 (inclusive)  1 box (.8 linear ft.)  Gift of the late William James III  through the agency of Roberta A. Sheehan; and of Michael JamesCall Number: MS Am 2538

*2006M-0045 Davison, Peter.  Peter Davison papers on L. E. Sissman, 1967-1999. 1 box  (.2 linear ft.) Gift, Joan E. Goody

*2006M-0046 Viardot-Garcia, Pauline, 1821-1910.  Le retour du printemps: autograph manuscript song, 1840 June 17.  1 item (.04 linear ft.)        Purchase, Amy Lowell fund

*2006M-0049  Chedid, Andre‚, 1920-     Andre‚ Chedid letter to Roger E. Stoddard, 2002 July 26.  1 item (.04 linear ft.)  Gift, Roger E. Stoddard.  Call number: Autograph File: C    

*2006M-0051  Kilgour, Bayard L., 1904-1984. Bayard L. Kilgour lists relating to his Russian music collection, ca. 1939. 1 folder (.05 linear ft.) Not previously accessioned

*2006M-0052  Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883.  L'ogre: autograph manuscript synopsis, ca. 1868. 1 volume (.04 linear ft.)  Purchase, Bayard Livingston and Kate Gray Kilgour fund

*2006M-0053  Moldenhauer, Hans, compiler.  Aurelio de la Vega papers, 2001-2005. 1 box (1 linear ft.) Gift, Mary Moldenhauer

*2006M-0055  Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962.  E. E. (Edward Estlin) Cummings papers and oil paintings, ca. 1898-1968. 2 boxes (.2 linear ft.)  Gift, Elizabeth Aldred Rice and Bob Rice

*2006M-0056  Biography of Lauro De Bosis, ca. 1931-1939. 1 folder (.05 linear ft.)  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund

*2006M-0058  Aaron, Daniel, 1912-     Daniel Aaron papers, ca. 1921-2006 
15 boxes (23 linear ft.)  Gift, Daniel Aaron.

*2006M-0059  Gannett, Lewis, 1891-1966.    Lewis Gannett war correspondent papers, 1912-1942 (inclusive) 1912-1918 (bulk) 1 folder (.04 linear ft.)  Gift, Michael R. Gannett

*2006M-0060  Pickman, Hester. Hester Pickman papers, ca. 1882-1960       
2 boxes (2.5 linear ft.)   Gift, Deborah P. Clifford      

*2006M-0061  Ashbery, John, 1927-    John Ashbery's The heroes and other papers, 1952-1985 (inclusive) 1952-1956 (bulk) 1 folder (.04 linear ft.)  Purchase, Doulgas Roby fund.

*2006M-0063  Luce, August Edouard Achilles, designer.  [Lincoln memorial fan] : [realia] 1 fan. Purchase, Bayard Livingston and Kate Gray Kilgour fund

*2006M-0064  Grolier Poetry Book Shop. Grolier Poetry Book Shop and Ellen La Forge Memorial Poetry Foundation additional records, ca. 1974-2007 (inclusive) ca. 2003-2007 (bulk)  1 box (.4 linear ft.) Gift, Louisa Solano

*2006M-0066 Baker Street Irregulars (Organization : U.S.)  Baker Street Irregulars (Organization : U.S.) menu, 1934 December 7. 1 item (.04 linear ft.) Gift,Jerry Margolin

*2006M-0067 Aiken, Conrad, 1889-1973. Conrad Aiken letter to Miss Tatman, 1956 November 23. 1 item (.04 linear ft.) Gift, Mike Steinel

*2006M-0068  Marcel, J. J. (Jean Joseph), 1776-1854.  J. J. (Jean Joseph) Marcel letter to Pope Gregory XVI, 1844 November. 1 item (.04 linear ft.)  Purchase, Philip Hofer Trust Fund

*2006M-0069 Rexroth, Kenneth, 1905-1982. Iphegenia at Aulis, a dance play: typescript stage directions, undated. 1 folder (.04 linear ft.) Gift, Ralph B. Sipper       

*2006M-0070  Furtwängler, Adolf, 1853-1907, recipient. Adolf Furtwängler papers concerning Ernst Curtius, 1895-1904. 1 case (.05 linear ft.)  Gift, James Loeb

*2006M-0071 Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, 1832-1898.  Charles Lutwidge Dodgson letter to Mrs. Dyer, 1886 April 15. 1 item (.04 linear ft.)        Gift, Margaret Howland

*2006M-0072  Tenniel, John, Sir, 1820-1914. Sir John Tenniel letter to H. Baker, 1864 May 7. 1 item (.04 linear ft.)            Gift, Margaret Howland

*2006M-0073  Ehrenbourg-Mannati, Nathalie. Nathalie Ehrenbourg-Mannati papers, ca. 1960-1967. 1 box (.05 linear ft.) Gift, Michael Rudy

*2006M-0075 Inman, Arthur Crew, 1895- Arthur Crew Inman diaries: positive microfilm, ca. 1962. 1 box + 2 empty suitcases (1 linear ft.)  Gift, HarvardUniversity Press

*2006M-0076  Senancour, Etienne Pivert de, 1770-1846. Annotations enciclopediques elementaires: brouillon disposé‚ par order alphabetique pour être ensuite plus facil[emen]t redigé ; commencé en Nov[em]bre 1795 au château de Mont-l'evêque: manuscript, 1795-ca. 1840. 1 v. (.05 linear feet) Purchase, Amy Lowell fund

*2006M-0077 Searle, George. Designs for monograms and crests by George Searle, ca. 1863. 1 volume (.08 linear ft.) Purchase, Sidney J. Watts fund

*2006M-0078  Duveen Brothers.  Duveen Brothers stock book, 1878-1881  
1 volume (.08 linear ft.) Purchase, Melvin R. Seiden Book Fund

*2006M-0079 Emerson, Ellen Tucker.  Ellen Tucker Emerson letters to family members, ca. 1870-1908. 1 box (.08 linear ft.)        Gift, David and Teresa Gregg

*2006M-0080 Day, F. Holland (Fred Holland), 1864-1933. Fred Holland Day letter to Mrs. Alice Freeman Palmer, 1892 April 24. 1 item (.04 linear ft.) Purchase, Louis J. Appell Jr. fund Call number: Autograph File: D.   

*2006M-0081 Nichols, Robert Malise Bowyer, 1893-1944. Robert Malise Bowyer Nichols postcard to Laurence Binyon, undated. 1 item (.04 linear ft.)  Purchase, FUND? Call number: Autograph File: N    

*2006M-0082  Corman, Cid. Translations of Margherita Guidacci's poems, undated. 1 folder (.04 linear ft.)  Removed from *EC9.N5186.915i.  Purchase, Daniel D. Chabris Book Fund.   Call number: Autograph File: C.       

*2006M-0083  Jackson, William A. , (William Alexander) 1905-1964, recipient.        
Letters to William A. (William Alexander) Jackson, 1936-1954. 1 folder (.04 linear ft.)  Not previously accessioned.  Call number: Autograph File: J       

*2006M-0084  Altman, Dennis, 1943-   Gore Vidal's America : typescript with manuscript corrections, 2005. 1 item (.06 linear ft.)   Gift, Dennis Altman

*2006M-0085  O'Hara, Frank, 1926-1966.  Creation : a Christmas story : typescript with watercolor illustrations by Edward Gorey, 1949. 1 volume (.04 linear ft.)  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund. Call number: MS Am 2561

*2006M-0086  Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883. Le miroir, Le fils du pope, and Le Stepovik: autograph manuscripts, 1868-1883. 1 folder (.04 linear ft.)  Purchase, Amy Lowell fund   Call numbers: MS Fr 490, MS Russ 86, and MS Fr 489, respectively

*2006M-0088  Kingswinford (England) Reading Society.         Kingswinford (England) Reading Society bookkeeping records, 1834-1867. 1 box (.10 linear ft.)  Purchase, Kilgour fund.

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