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MS Richardson 42

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This manuscript is included in the Houghton Library website dedicated to Books of Hours, Picturing Prayer.

Houghton Library. The Houghton Library Reports. Accessions. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard College Library, 1947/48. MS cited p. 1.
Brief mention in a list of manuscript acquisitions from that year. HOLLIS

Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore, Md.) and Dorothy Miner, Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: An Exhibition Held at the Baltimore Museum of Art, January 27-March 13. Baltimore: Walters Art Gallery, 1949. MS cited p. 36, no. 96 and pl. XLIII (reproducing f. 155).
A description of the manuscript’s physical properties, miniatures, approximate date, and provenance. Also, a discussion of the manuscript, particularly as it relates to the Grandes Heures de Rohan. HOLLIS

Erwin Panofsky, “The de Buz Book of Hours: A New Manuscript from the Workshop of the Grandes Heures de Rohan,” Harvard Library Bulletin 3.2 (1949), pp. 163–82. Plates Ia, Ib, Ic, II, III, IVa, IVb, Va, Vb, VIa, VIb, VIIa, VIIIa, VIIIb and IX reproduce ff. 164v–165, detail of f. 1, detail of f. 2, f. 16, f. 20, f. 32, f. 45, f. 57, f. 67, f. 82, f.90, f. 114, f. 118, f. 151, and f. 155. Reprinted in Peinture et dévotion en Europe du Nord à la fin du Moyen Age, ed. by Daniel Arasse. Paris: Flammarion, 1997. With Plates 61–63 reproducing ff. 11 (detail), 114, and 155.
The article provides an extensive discussion and description of the manuscript’s miniatures, focusing on the stylistic and iconographic relationships with similar Books of Hours. Available online (Link). HOLLIS

Bibliographie, in Scriptorium 4 (1950). MS cited p. 151, no. 56. 
Brief mention in a reference to Panofsky, 1949. HOLLIS

William A. Jackson, “The William King Richardson Library,” Harvard Library Bulletin 5.3 (1951), pp. 328–337. MS cited p. 329.
Mentioned briefly in an article on the acquisition of the Richardson collection. Available online (Link). HOLLIS

Carnegie Institute. French Painting, 1100-1900. Pittsburgh: Department of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute, 1951. MS cited no. 13, with plate 13 reproducing f. 155.
Very brief description. No discussion. HOLLIS

Erwin Panofsky, “A Parisian Goldsmith’s Model of the Early Fifteenth Century?”  In Essays in Honor of Georg Swarzenski, ed. Oswald Goetz, pp. 70-84. Chicago: Henry Regnery, 1951. MS cited pp. 82-83 and fig. 14, reproducing f. 90.
Brief citations of the manuscript as a possible visual source for a pendant formerly at the Detroit Institute of Fine Arts. HOLLIS

Bibliographie, in Scriptorium  (1953). MS cited p. 303, no. 99. 
Brief mention in a reference to Panofsky, 1951. HOLLIS

Erwin Panofsky, Early Netherlandish Painting, Its Origin and Character. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1953. MS cited  pp. 61 n. 1, 73 n. 7, 133 n. 1, 137 n. 6, 287 n. 3, with fig. 96 reproducing f. 155.
Mentioned briefly in various places as a visual comparison. HOLLIS

Los Angeles County Museum, Mediaeval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts;  A Loan Exhibition, November 25, 1953–January 9, 1954. Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum, 1953. MS cited p. 23, no. 57.
Brief catalog entry providing a description of the manuscript’s physical properties, approximate date, attribution to the Rohan workshop, and a brief bibliography. HOLLIS

Harvard College Library, Illuminated & Calligraphic Manuscripts: An Exhibition held at the Fogg Art Museum & Houghton Library, February 14–April 1, 1955. Cambridge, Mass.: n.p., 1955. MS cited p. 21, no. 64 and pl. 29 (reproducing f. 155).
Brief catalog entry providing a description of the manuscript’s physical properties, miniatures, approximate date, provenance, attribution to the Rohan workshop, and a brief bibliography. HOLLIS

Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore, Md.), The International Style:  The Arts in Europe Around 1400. Baltimore: Walters Art Gallery, 1962. MS cited pp. 60-62, no. 57 and pl. LXI (reproducing f. 67).
An extensive catalog entry featuring a general discussion of the manuscript, which focuses on the Rohan Master, Yolande of Aragon—a possible patron—and the manuscript’s connections with the Limbourg brothers and the Boucicaut Master. HOLLIS

W.H. Bond and C.U. Faye, Supplement to the Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. New York: Bibliographical Society of America, 1962. MS cited p. 248.
A brief description of the manuscript’s physical properties, provenance, and bibliography. Available online (Link). HOLLIS

Frédéric Lyna, “La miniature Européenne vers 1400,” Scriptorium 17 (1963), pp. 307–310. MS cited p. 310.
Brief mention in a review of the Walters Art Gallery exhibition, The International Style, 1962.  HOLLIS

Houghton Library, The Houghton Library 1942–1967: A Selection of Books and Manuscripts in Harvard Collections. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard College Library [distributed by Harvard University Press], 1967. MS cited pl. opposite p. 38 (reproducing f. 57).
Brief description of the manuscript, erroneously citing Antoine de Buz as patron. HOLLIS

Ursula Nilgen, “The Epiphany and the Eucharist: On the Interpretation of Eucharistic Motifs in Mediaeval Epiphany Scenes,” Art Bulletin 49.4 (1967), pp. 311–16. MS cited p. 315, and fig. 11 (reproducing f. 57).
A discussion of the Adoration of the Magi miniature (f. 57). Available online (Link). HOLLIS

William D. Wixom, Treasures from Medieval France. Cleveland: Cleveland Museum of Art, 1967. MS cited pp. 284 and 381, no. VI 34, with plates reproducing ff. 67, 75, and 155.
A discussion, drawing on Panofsky (1949), and focusing on the manuscript’s use of color, as well as its position among other works from the Rohan atelier. HOLLIS

Millard Meiss, with the assistance of Kathleen Morand and Edith W. Kirsch, French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry, The Boucicaut Master. London: Phaidon, 1968. MS cited pp. 136-137, n. 30.
Brief citation with respect to the manuscript’s illustration of the Office of the Dead (fol. 118). HOLLIS

Dorothy Miner, “Since De Ricci—Western Illuminated Manuscripts Acquired Since 1934: A Report in Two Parts: Part II,” Journal of the Walters Art Gallery 31–32 (1968–69), pp. 40–118. MS cited nn. 79 and 81.
Brief citation with respect to a Walters manuscript also from the Rohan atelier (Ms. W. 741). HOLLIS

Jan Białostocki, Spätmittelalter und beginnende Neuzeit, Propyläen Kunstgeschichte, 7. Berlin: Propyläen Verlag, 1972. MS cited p. 180.
Brief mention in a list of manuscripts attributed to the Rohan atelier. HOLLIS

The Rohan Master: A Book of Hours: Bibliothèque nationale, Paris (MS Latin 9471), with an Introduction by Millard Meiss, and Introduction and Commentaries by Marcel Thomas. New York: George Braziller, 1973. MS cited  p. 13, 18 n. 5, 26, 246.
Brief citations in a general discussion of the Rohan Master. HOLLIS

Millard Meiss, with the assistance of Sharon Off Dunlap Smith and Elizabeth Home Beatson, French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry: The Limbourgs and their Contemporaries. New York: Braziller, 1974. MS cited pp. 261–69, 275, 307–308., 401, 475 n. 30, 476 n. 48, figs. 842–45, 852–54 (reproducing ff. 62, 75, 118, 67, 155, 52, and 151).
An extensive discussion of the mansucripts associated with the Rohan atelier, particularly as they relate to the work of the Limbourg brothers and the Boucicaut Master. Emphasis is on stylistic and iconographic relationships. HOLLIS

Sandra Hindman, Text and Image in Fifteenth-Century Illustrated Dutch Bibles. Leiden: Brill, 1977. MS cited pp. 96–99, and figs. 52–56 (reproducing ff. 20 detail, 155 detail, 20, 155, and 57.
A discussion of what the author calls “genre elements” found in certain miniatures from the manuscript. The author considers such realistic subject matter to be characteristic of a Netherlandish milieu, and thus unusual for a Parisian manuscript. HOLLIS

Carol J. Purtle, The Marian Paintings of Jan van Eyck. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1982. MS cited p. 14, fig. 8 (reproducing f. 57).
A discussion of the Epiphany miniature (f. 57) where, as the author maintains, the Virgin is “identified with the altar of the sacrifice of the Mass.” HOLLIS

Wilma Fitzgerald, “Ocelli nominum: Names and Shelf Marks of Famous/Familiar Manuscripts (I),” Medieval Studies 45 (1983), p. 239.
Very brief citation in a list of well-known manuscripts. HOLLIS

Roger S. Wieck, “French Illuminated manuscripts in the Houghton Library: Recent Discoveries and Attributions,” Harvard Library Bulletin 31.2 (1983), pp. 188–198. MS cited p. 197.      
Very brief mention in a listing of the Library’s holdings of French illumination.
Available online (Link). HOLLIS

Roger S. Wieck, Late Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts, 1350–1525, in the Houghton Library. Cambridge: Department of Printing and Graphic Arts, Harvard College Library, 1983. MS cited no. 4 reproducing f. 57.
A thorough description of the manuscript, listing miniatures with folio numbers, provenance, and bibliography. Also, a general discussion focusing on the major characteristics of the Rohan Master. HOLLIS

Lilian M.C. Randall, Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press and Walters Art Gallery, 1989–, v. II, part I, 33 (under entry no. 107, for MS W. 741) and 220 (under entry no. 144, for MS W. 264).
Cited as a visual comparison in discussions of MS W. 741 and MS W. 264. HOLLIS

The Limbourg Brothers: Nijmegen Masters at the French Court (1400–1416), ed. by Rob Dückers and Pieter Roelofs. Nijmegen: Ludion, 2005. MS cited no. 113 (entry by Gregory T. Clark; with pl. reproducing f. 52).
A brief catalog description of the mansucript as well as a few paragraphs discussing the ways in which the Rohan Master departed from the models provided by the Limbourg brothers. HOLLIS

William P. Stoneman, Of Current Interest: Recent Research on Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Hougton Library. Cambridge: Houghton Library of the Harvard College Library, 2006. MS cited no. 25.
A brief description that provides bibliography and a list of the manuscript’s contents with folio numbers. Also, a discussion, which draws upon Gregory Clark’s entry in The Limbourg Brothers (2005). HOLLIS

Grandes Horas de Rohan (Ms. Lat. 9471, Biblioteca Nacional de Francia). Madrid: AyN Ediciones, 2006. MS cited pp. 267–68 and 340–42 (with figs. 3, 34, and 35 reproduing in color ff. 52r, 151r and 155r).
A discussion in Spanish, summarizing previous scholarship, and focusing on the relationship between the manuscript and the Rohan Hours. The author considers the manuscript to be one of the earliest works of the Rohan Master. HOLLIS

Don C. Skemer.  Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts in the Princeton University Library.  Princeton: Department of Art & Archaeology and the Princeton University Library in association with the Princeton University Press, 2013.  MS cited I, 79.
This MS cited in a list of works decorated by the Rohan Master in a description of Princeton, MS Garrett 48.

Jeffrey F. Hamburger, in Beyond Words: Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections, ed. Jeffrey F. Hamburger, et al. [Chestnut Hill, MA]: McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, 2016, no. 103. HOLLIS; Beyond Words (PDF of entry available)
Discussion of illustrations, particularly the Marian image by the Rohan Master.