Digital Medieval Manuscripts at Houghton Library

Bibliography for Harvard University, Houghton Library,
MS Typ 617

This bibliography was compiled by Aden Kumler, Julia Schlozman, Nadia Marx and William Stoneman.
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This Book of Hours is no longer at Houghton Library.  MS Typ 617 (accession number 75M-54) was deposited by Mrs. Phillips Ketchum of South Natick, MA on 29 January 1976 and was returned to Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Amory on 15 February 1989.

Roger S. Wieck, Late Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts, 1350–1525, in the Houghton Library. Cambridge: Department of Printing and Graphic Arts, Harvard College Library, 1983. MS cited p. 137 and fig. 12 (reproducing f. 56).
Brief description.

Roger S. Wieck, “French Illuminated manuscripts in the Houghton Library: Recent Discoveries and Attributions,” Harvard Library Bulletin 31.2 (1983), p. 188–198. MS cited p. 197.
Available online (Link). HOLLIS
Brief mention as the work of the Master of Jacques de Luxembourg in a list of recently attributed manuscripts.

Lilian M. C. Randall and Judith Oliver. Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery, II. Baltimore: Published by the Johns Hopkins University Press in association with the Walters Art Gallery, 1989. MS cited p. 265.
In a description of Walters MS W.781a, b (Catalogue no. 155) this MS cited as comparable for liturgical usage in the diocese of Troyes.