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Bibliography for Harvard University, Houghton Library,
MS Typ 41

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This bibliography was compiled by Aden Kumler, Julia Schlozman, Nadia Marx, Johanna Rodda, and William Stoneman.
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Brief description of manuscript’s contents, physical properties, and provenance.

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Digital Scriptorium. Columbia University Libraries. (Online) Accessed 24 May 2010. Internet Link
A searchable database of manuscripts from various collections. Search or browse under shelfmark MS Typ 0041. Contains a basic description of the physical layout and contents of the manuscript. Link

Lisa Fagan Davis, “The First and Second Recensions of the ‘Chronique Anonyme Universelle’: Houghton MS Typ 41 and MS Fr 495”, Harvard Library Bulletin, 20, no. 1 (Spring 2009, published October 2010): 1-33. 
Complete manuscript description in Appendix 2.