Digital Medieval Manuscripts at Houghton Library

Search Strategies

To search HOLLIS for materials from the medieval manuscripts collections at Houghton Library:

  • Select Digital Resources tab.
  • Use Expanded Search function.
  • Type "medieval manuscripts" in the first search box. You can also limit a search to one of the named collections by adding the term to the second search box.
  • Limit location to "Houghton."
  • Limit format to "manuscript."
  • Limit the search by date, if desired.
  • Select Search. To see the earliest items first, click on the Year box in the toolbar at the top of the search results and the chronological order will be reversed.


Additional Resources

Although printed access to these materials is incomplete and out of date, they are still well worth searching.

Seymour de Ricci with W.J. Wilson, Census of Medieval and renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (NY, H. W. Wilson, 1935-140; reprinted 1966) HOLLIS

William H. Bond, and C. U. Faye, Supplement to the Census of Medieval and renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (Bibliographical Society of America, NY, 1962) HOLLIS

Roger S. Wieck, Late Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts, 1350-1525, in the Houghton Library (Department of Printing and Graphic Arts, Harvard College Library, Cambridge, MA, 1993) HOLLIS

Laura Light, Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Houghton Library, Harvard University, Volume 1: MSS Lat 3-179 (Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, Binghamton, NY, 1995) HOLLIS

Harvard College Library, Illuminated & Calligraphic Manuscripts: An Exhibition held at the Fogg Art Museum & Houghton Library, February 14-April 1, 1955 (Cambridge, MA, 1955) HOLLIS

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Manuscript Collections

The Houghton Library collection of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts is divided into a number of shelf classifications, including language and subject classifications MSS Dutch, Eng(lish), Fr(ench), Ger(man), Gr(eek), Ital(ian), Judaica, Lat(in), Port(uguese), Span(ish) and Syriac. There are also four named collections: MS Riant, Richardson, Typ(ography), and Widener. Inc(unabula) are fifteenth-century printed books included here for their extensive manuscript annotation.

Houghton Library staff are in the process of supplying complete bibliographies for each of the manuscripts in these collections. You can access available bibliographies through this Web page as well as through the HOLLIS record for each individual manuscript.

Additions and corrections to these bibliographies are gratefully received by the Curator.

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