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Travel Grant Program


The Harvard-Yenching Library’s Travel Grant Program is designed to assist scholars from outside the metropolitan Boston area in their use of Harvard-Yenching's collections for research. Priority consideration is given to those at institutions where there are no or few library resources in the East Asian languages, and no major East Asian library collections are available nearby.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, there will be 19 grants of $600 each (seven in Chinese studies, seven in Japanese studies, and five in Korean studies) to be awarded on a merit basis to faculty members and to graduate students engaged in dissertation research.

Please note that the awards must be used before September 30, 2018. Recipients are usually notified by early January.

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Application Process

The grants are open to citizens of any country. Applications should include a letter with your mailing address, a brief description of the research topic, and an estimated budget.

Awards for the 2016-2017 academic year have been distributed.

Applications for the travel grant for the 2017-2018 academic year should be addressed to the following. The deadline for receiving applications is December 22, 2017. Please address any questions regarding this program to:

James K. M. Cheng
Harvard-Yenching Library
Harvard University
2 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA  02138

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Harvard-Yenching Library 2009–2010 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
Xinyu Dong, Stanford University
Xin Fan, Indiana University, Bloomington
Yongguang Hu, Binghamton University, State University of New York
Wayne Wei Huang, Ohio University
Mengjun Li, The Ohio State University
Fan Liao, University of California, San Diego
Alex Ong, University of British Columbia

Japanese Travel Grants
Kimiko Akita, University of Central Florida
David R. Ambaras, North Carolina State University
Hidetoshi Hashimoto, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Greg Robinson, Université du Québec à Montréal
Leo Shingchi Yip, Gettysburg College

Korean Travel Grants
Joo Hee Choi, Korea University
Jih-Un Kim, Webster University
Jaehoon Lee, University of Florida
Jae-ho Shin, University of Pennsylvania
Agnieska Smiatacz, The Academy of Korean Studies

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Harvard-Yenching Library 2010–2011 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
Yue Zhang, Toronto
Changzhi Wang, Columbia
Xu Peng, Chicago
Norman Ho, New York University
Jin Gong, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Liangyin Fu, Pittsburgh
Tienin Cheng, Savanah State University

Japanese Travel Grants
Dylan McGee, State University of New York-Paltz
Masake Kando, York University, Canada

Korean Travel Grants
Nianshen Song, Chicago
Yoonjung Seo, UCLA
Chunghoon Shin, Binghamton University
Sungjo Kim, Toronto
Marie Seong-Hak Kim, St. Cloud State University

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Harvard-Yenching Library 2011–2012 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
Maura Elizabeth Cummingham (UC-Irvine)
Lin Fan (McGill University)
Di Luo (USC)
Margaret Wan (University of Utah)
Wanming Wang (McGill University)
Yue Zhang (University of Toronto)
Heidi Kong (Ph. D. Candidate)

Japanese Travel Grants
Jessamyn Abel (Pen State)
Yoonchun Jung (McGill University)
Inhye Kang (McGill University)
Daniel Nagashima (University of Virginia)
Jeyeoun Song (University of Oklahoma)

Korean Travel Grants
Jeong Min Kim (Ph. D. Candidate)
Minna So-min Lee (University of Toronto)
Mary Nasr (Australia-University of Sydney)
Saeyoung Park (Davidson College)

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Harvard-Yenching Library 2012–2013 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
Qingcheng Li (Brown University)
Dingyong Wang (Georgetown University)
Lei Duan (Syracuse University)
Boyi Chen (Washington University in St. Louis)
Chao-yo Cheng (University of California, Los Angeles)

Japanese Travel Grants
Ethan I. Segal (Michigan State University)
Yumi Soeshima (State University of New York at New Paltz)
Donald P. Chandler (University of Washington)

Korean Travel Grants
Yong Jae Kim (University of Missouri, Columbia)
Hwa Yeong Wang (Binghamton University)

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Harvard-Yenching Library 2013–2014 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
En Li (Washington University in St. Louis)
Jing Lu (Syracuse University)
Gengsong Gao (University of South Carolina)
Yidi Wu (University of California, Irvine)
Jonathan Henshaw (University of British Columbia)
Benjamin Ridgway (University of Illinois)

Japanese Travel Grants
David Luesink (University of Pittsburgh)
Youngjung Oh (University of Oregon)
Banu Kaygusuz Tezel (University of Toronto)

Korean Travel Grants
Young-Sin Park (Binghamton University)

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Harvard-Yenching Library 2014–2015 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
Hsiao-chun Wu, UCLA
Sarah Basham, University of British Columbia
Yue Zhang, Valparaiso University
Yu Zhang, Loyola University Maryland
Shery Chanis, University of Texas
Wenyi Huang, McGill University
Guanda Wu, University of Minnesota

Japanese Travel Grants
Nathan H. Ledbetter, Washington, D.C.
John A. Tucker, East Carolina University
Patricia J. Graham, Univ. of Kansas
Nathaniel M. Smith, University of Arizona
Jeffrey Alexander, University of Wisconsin
Jeff E. Long, Bloomsburg University of PA
Sunho Ko, University of Toronto

Korean Travel Grants
Stella Xu, Roanoke College
Myengsoo Seo, University of Florida
Hajin Jun, Stanford University
Myungho Hyun, New York University
Sookja Cho, Arizona State University

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Harvard-Yenching Library 2015–2016 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
Tianxiao Zhu, University of Minnesota
Bin Xu, Florida International University
Clayton D. Brown, Utah State University
Chunmei Du, Western Kentucky University
John Christopher Hamm, University of Washington
Jiayao Wang, University of South Carolina
Charlotte Brooks, Baruch College

Japanese Travel Grants
Joey Soehardjojo, University of Warwick
Vlada Gurvich, University of Tsukuba
Rembrandt Wolpert, University of Arkansas
Elizabeth Markham, University of Arkansas
Andrea Horbinski, University of California, Berkeley
Nara Park, University of Chicago
Nori Katagiri, Saint Louis University

Korean Travel Grants
Dima Mironenko, Yale University
Ingu Hwang, University of Chicago
Immanuel Kim, Binghamton University
Na-Rae Kim, University of Minnesota
Hwisang Cho, Xavier University

Harvard-Yenching Library 2016–2017 Travel Grant Awardees

Chinese Travel Grants
Zhe “Gilbert” Chen, Washington University
Yunwen Gao, USC
Emily Mokros, Albion College
Yuan Shu, Texas Tech University
Yuanfei Wang, University of Georgia
Shensi Yi, University of Sydney
Yue Zhang, Valparaiso Universitye

Japanese Travel Grants
Mikael Bauer, McGill University
Won Yong Jang, University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire
Lin Li, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Anand Rao, SUNY, Geneseo
Yuanfang Zhang, University of Toronto

Korean Travel Grants
Jong-Chol An, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Ja Won Lee, UCLA
Dongmin Park, University of California, Santa Cruz
Tomasz Sleziak, SOAS University of London
Robert Winstanley-Chesters, Australian National University

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