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Artists’ Books

Photograph of an artist book

Nicole Morello. Save Antarctica. Artist’s book. 1998. XCAGE XFA9043.580.300

Artists’ books are art works created in a wide variety of print media and issued in all types of book formats. Artists’ books have been an important part of the Library’s collections since the 1960s.  Our collection features works from artists such as Lawrence Weiner, Piero Manzoni, Hanne Darboven, the German collaborative Unica T, Ed Ruscha and Rebecca Horn. We collect parodies like Joe Zane's versions of Parkett and artists’ magazines like Scott Hug's K48. We have a strong selection of gay and feminist artists’ books as well as books created by artists associated with Lettrism and Fluxus. These items run the entire range of artistic expression from the abstract and the conceptual to the personal and the political and originate from all over the U.S. and Europe.

Artists’ books are cataloged in HOLLIS.  Houghton Library also collects artist’s books and these may also be found in HOLLIS.

  • For further information about our holdings please contact Jessica Evans Brady, Research & Collections Librarian.  A guide to our collection is also available.

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