Cabot Library Selected New Acquisitions

  Title Author Publisher
Critical analysis of science textbooks : evaluating instructional effectiveness Myint Swe Khine, editor Springer, c2013
Potential theory Lester L. Helms Springer, 2014
After mindfulness : new perspectives on psychology and meditation edited by Manu Bazzano Palgrave Macmillan, 2014
Kindred beings : what seventy-three chimpanzees taught me about life, love, and connection Sheri Speede HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2013
Managing protected areas in Central and Eastern Europe under climate change Sven Rannow, Marco Neubert, editors Springer, 2014
An introduction to extremal Kähler metrics Gábor Székelyhidi American Mathematical Society, 2014
Cholera : a worldwide history S.L. Kotar and J.E. Gessler McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2014
Psychotherapy in the wake of war : discovering multiple psychoanalytic traditions edited by Bernd Huppertz Jason Aronson, 2013
Cannabis : evolution and ethnobotany Robert C. Clarke and Mark D. Merlin University of California Press, 2013
Henri Poincaré : a biography through the daily papers Jean-Marc Ginoux, Christian Gerini World Scientific Publishing Co., 2014
Understanding vision : theory, models, and data Li Zhaoping Oxford University Press, 2014
The evolution of the use of mathematics in cancer research Pedro J. Gutiérrez Diez, Irma H. Russo, Jose Russo Springer, ©2012
Zookeeping : an introduction to the science and technology edited by Mark D. Irwin, John B. Stoner, and Aaron M. Cobaugh The University of Chicago Press, 2013
Exploring the northern Rocky Mountains edited by Colin A. Shaw (Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman), Basil Tikoff (Department of Geoscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison) Geological Society of America, 2014
An Alpine expedition through algebraic topology : fourth Arolla Conference, algebraic topology, August 20-25, 2012, Arolla, Switzerland Christian Ausoni, Kathryn Hess, Brenda Johnson, Wolfgang Lück, Jérôme Scherer, editors American Mathematical Society, 2014
Habitability of other planets and satellites edited by Jean-Pierre de Vera and Joseph Seckbach Springer, 2013
Biologising the social sciences : challenging Darwinian and neuroscience explanations edited by David Canter and David A. Turner Routledge, 2014
Forests and Global Change edited by David A. Coomes (University of Cambridge, UK), David F.R.P. Burslem (University of Aberdeen, UK), William D. Simonson (University of Cambridge, UK) Cambridge University Press, 2014
Korean medicine : a holistic way to health and healing Hur Inn-Hee Seoul Selection, 2013
Managing madness in the community : the challenge of contemporary mental health care Kerry Michael Dobransky Rutgers University Press, 2014
The rise of critical animal studies : from the margins to the centre edited by Nik Taylor and Richard Twine Routledge, 2014
Dancing on the tails of the bell curve : readings on the joy and power of statistics edited by Richard Altschuler Gordian Knot Books, c2013
From strange simplicity to complex familiarity : a treatise on matter, information, life and thought Manfred Eigen Oxford University Press, 2013
Out of the blue : six non-medication ways to relieve depression Bill O'Hanlon W.W Norton & Company, 2014

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