Reserve Reading List Tool Quick Reference Guide for FAS Faculty and Course Staff

Information about submitting reserves requests to your supporting library is available for all supported platforms. Select the platform in which you're working to begin:

To find your Course iSite:

  1. Go to, and Login.
  2. Use the My Courses menu at the top of the page or go to the "Academics" tab and choose your course.
  3. Most Course iSites already have the Reserve Reading List tool installed, usually on a page called Reserve Reading List.

To install the Reserve Reading List for your course:

If your course iSites does not have a Reserve Reading List page or tool installed, you will need to add the tool to your site.

  1. On the page where you'd like the Reserve Reading List to appear, click on "ENTER DESIGN VIEW" on the right hand side of the screen to open the Design View.
  2. Click on the "Reserves Reading List" link listed under the "CREATE NEW TOPIC BOX" menu.

    Note: Course iSites offers many options for designing your course website. For more information about developing your site with additional pages and topic boxes, visit the Academic Technology Group website.

To submit reserves requests for your course:

To create or modify your list of reserves requests, click on the pencil icon at the upper right hand corner of the Reserve Reading List topic box. You can submit requests in these ways:

a) Reuse Citations from Previous Terms
b) Add a New Citation

 a) To Reuse Citations from Previous Terms:

  • Click on "Reuse Citations from Previous Terms" on the "Editing Reserve Reading List" screen.
  • Using the drop-down menu, select the semester you would like to view, then click on "Filter and Display."
  • To add individual citation requests to your current reserves list, check the "Select" box at the left of each reading, then click on "Copy Citation Requests to Current Term."
  • To add the entire list to the current term, click on "Select All Citations" and then "Copy Citation Requests to Current Term."
  • If you do not see the previous list for your course, or would like to move a list from an old course to a differently numbered course, contact library staff.

b) To add a new request to the current term:

  • Click on "Add a New Citation" on the "Editing Reserve Reading List" screen. 
  • Using the drop-down menus, select the "Material Type" and the "Supporting Library," then click on "Next."
  • Add bibliographic information to the citation request form.
  • Submit the request to the supporting library.

Please note: New reserves requests appear only in the administrative view of the Reserve Reading List until the library has processed them.

For questions about reserves, or for help using the Reserve Reading List Tool, contact your supporting library: See Participating Libraries.

Full documentation for your use of the Reserve Reading List is available as part of the Course iSites Online Help.

For other support or consultation on using Course iSites, contact the FAS Academic Technology Group at


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