Harvard College Library Funds

Harvard College Library Funds

George Edward Woodberry Foundation

Year Established 1986

About The Fund

The gift of Harry Harkness Flagler, to establish the George Edward Woodberry Foundation for the purpose of perpetuating the name of the late George Edward Woodberry, Class of 1877, alumnus of Harvard College, distinguished man of letters, poet and critic. The College shall set aside and make accessible for the purposes hereinafter indicated the room in the library of Harvard College suitable to place and maintain the library of Amy Lowell with a selection of the works of the classical poets, the works of the modern poets, and books and periodicals dealing with poetry as established under the Morris Gray Foundation; also such other collection of books of poetry or books dealing with poetry or allied to the subject as may be given to Harvard College. The College shall maintain in said room suitable accommodations for students desiring to use the place as a reading room. In a prominent place in said room there shall be maintained a tablet to be furnished by the Donor in form acceptable to the College upon which there shall be this inscription: 'Poetry Room of Harvard College Library Endowed in Honor of George Edward Woodberry of the Class of 1877'. For the proper care and preservaton of the books and periodicals so collected in said room and in order that students using the place may have the assistance and advice of a suitable person, the College shall appoint a Curator who shall have charge of said room and said books and periodicals and the College shall pay his salary from said income of the Foundation.

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