Harvard College Library Funds

Harvard College Library Funds

Fund in Memory of Edward Henry Strobel

Year Established 1986

About The Fund

The Class of 1877, wishing to honor the memory of their late classmate, Edward Henry Strobel, LL.D., who died on January 15, 1908, while serving as General Adviser to his Siamese Majesty's Government, gives this fund to the College Library. It desires that it shall be called the Fund in Memory of Edward Henry Strobel and that the income shall be spent in the purchase of works relating to world politics and such kindred topics as the expansion of territory, colonization, the settlement of differences between nations, and other cognate subjects, but not necessarily works on international law. Works on problems in the Far East, where Strobel achieved his highest distinction and where he laid down his life in the service of mankind, should receive first consideration.

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