Harvard College Library Funds

Harvard College Library Funds

Henry Weston Farnsworth Memorial

Year Established 1986

About The Fund

The gift of William Farnsworth, Class of 1877, in memory of his son, Henry Weston Farnsworth, Class of 1912, who, in January, 1915, impressed by the justice of the cause for which France was fighting, enlisted in the Foreign Legion, and was killed in action near the Bois Sabot in Champagne, September 28th of the same year. It is my wish that the income from this fund should be used: First: For such repairs and replacements as may be necessary to keep the 'Farnsworth Room', its furniture and furnishings in constant good condition; Second: For the care of the books and the purchase of new books; Third: For any other expenses connected with the Room.

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