Harvard College Library Funds

Harvard College Library Funds

John Tileston Edsall Book Fund

Year Established 1986

About The Fund

The gift of Dr. John T. Edsall A.B. 1923, M.D. 1928 and Mrs. Edsall to establish a book fund in the University Library for books in the history, philosophy and social relations of science. I would like the above descriptive terms to be interpreted broadly. The term 'science' should certainly be interpreted to include the biomedical sciences, as well as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology etc. I think it would be too extensive to include the social sciences, but books dealing with the interrelations of the physical, biological, and medical sciences and society in general would certainly be included. I would note the value of including scientific text books. They usually get thrown away as they become outmoded, but they can be very revealing of the scientific outlook of their times. I do not want to restrict this fund to any particular library. I would like to have it available for the Countway Library, as well as Widener, Cabot, the various scientific departmental libraries, and of course the History of Science Department.

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