Harvard College Library Funds

Harvard College Library Funds

Civil War Fund

Year Established 1986

About The Fund

The gifts of alumni and friends to establish a fund to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the end of the War Between the States, and in honor and memory of the brave men and women, North and South, Union and Confederate, black and white, who fought and died, served and suffered, in that war. The income may be used to buy or preserve books and other materials that relate to that War, particularly in the fields of American History and Government. While the names of Harvard University's Union dead are inscribed upon the walls of Memorial Hall, the names of the 64 Confederate dead, as listed in the March 1912 issue of Harvard Graduates Magazine on pages 422-433, are presently nowhere so honored and remembered at the University. This fund will in some small measure remedy this. The names and classes are as follows:

Harvard College: John Francis Heath 1840 Henry Middleton Rutledge Fogg 1849 John Pegram May 1849 Henry Augustus Middleton 1850 William H. Sparks 1851 Frederick Percival Leverett 1852 William Duncan McKim 1852 Beverly William Means 1854 Charles Le Doux Elgee 1856 John Julius Pringle Alston 1857 Henry Longer De Saulles 1857 Samuel Breck Parkman 1857 Thomas Devereus Jones 1860 William MacRea Magenis 1860 Charles Alston Pringle 1860 Benjamin Smith Skinney 1860 Horation Eustis 1861 John Frink Smith Van Bokkelen 1863 Richard Eustis 1861 George Washington 1864 Anderson Watkins 1864

Law School: Stuart Wilkins Fisk 1843 Thomas Harris Towner 1843 Jeremiah Morrill Clough 1844 Joel Joseph Jones 1844 John Smith Minor 1844 John Litton Bostick 1844 William Means Bratton 1844 Henry Macon Dunwoody 1847-1848 Roscoe Briggs Heath 1847-1848 Randall William McGavock 1847-1848 John Stewart Walker 1848-1849 Edward John Bostick 1850 Hamilton Couper 1850-1851 Albert Gallatin Jenkins 1850-1851 Thomas Brown 1850-1851 States Rights Gist 1851-1852 Thomas Jefferson Martin 1851-1852 Alexander Yates 1851-1852 William Anderson Beene 1851-1852 William James Stewart 1851-1852 James Albert Meader 1853-1854 Ben Hardin Helm 1853-1854 Henry Lord Page King 1853-1854 Edward George Washington Butler 1854 Robert Hitt 1855-1856 James Wentworth Martin 1855-1856 Wright Smith Hackett 1856-1857 Andrew Jackson Williams 1857 Andrew Jackson Calhoun 1858 James Davis Hunt 1858 William Henry Lilly 1858-1859 John Morris Jackson 1859 Jesse Reed 1859 Joshua Johnson 1859 Thomas Neal Ranney 1860 Henry Reynolds Storrs 1860 George Louis Taylor 1860 George Williamson 1860 John Bellenfant Johnson 1860-1861 George McLeod Turner 1860-1861 Thomas Watson Cooper 1861

Scientific School: Elijah Graham Morrow 1856 John Emilius Parker 1856-1857 James Hartwell Hart 1857 William Walter Sillers 1859

Divinity School: August Hammond Conant 1841.

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